Skellig Islands Eco Boat Tour Enquiry Form.

First things first: boats do two types of tours – the Landing Tour and the Eco Tour. The Landing Tour gets you on Skellig Michael Island itself so it’s significantly more popular. This booking form is for the Eco Tour which brings you very close but you don’t get off the boat.┬áIf you’d prefer to land on the island, please go to the Skellig Michael Landing Tour Booking Enquiry Form.


Skellig Islands Eco Boat Tour Background Information.

  • Boat tours bring you from Portmagee harbour out into the wild and beautiful Atlantic all the way out to both Skellig Islands and back.
  • You will regularly be accompanied on your journey by schools of dolphins, a minke whale or two and even a humpback whale on occasion.
  • You will be right beside Skellig Michael itself giving the opportunity to see the island up close and see the incredible historical beehive huts and ancient steps.
  • You’ll also get to visit Little SKellig, which is one of the largest gannet sanctuaries in Europe.
  • The trip takes approximately two and a half hours and costs 40 euros per person but this booking enquiry is free.

If you’re not sure which trip is for you, check out our Skellig Michael Boat Tour Booking Frequently Asked Questions.