Book your Boat Tour Around The Skellig Islands

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  • The trip takes approximately two and a half hours  and brings you from Portmagee harbour out into the wild and beautiful Atlantic all the way out to both Skellig Islands and back.
  • The trip costs 50 euros per adult and 25 euros per child. The 40 euro adult price is standard across all tour providers.
  • Please note: this trip does not allow you to land on Skellig Michael.
  • Landing tours are not available before the start of the landing tour Season. In 2024,  the landing tour season is expected to start on May 15th but may start earlier. If you are in the area before then we strongly recommend you consider booking this tour as a very enjoyable alternative.
  • Eco tours fill up quickly so we strongly recommend you book in advance to avoid disappointment.
  • Often, you are accompanied on your journey by schools of dolphins, a minke whale or two and even a humpback whale on occasion.
  • You will be right beside Skellig Michael itself giving the opportunity to see the island up close and see the incredible historical beehive huts and ancient steps.
  • You’ll also get to see Little Skellig, which is one of the largest gannet sanctuaries in Europe.
  • This trip is fantastic for families and those with younger children who would not be allowed on the Landing tours.

We’ve put together a video overview of the trip. Sea conditions for individual trips will vary, depending on the weather, naturally.

The Eco Tour is provided by one of our local trusted boat operators, Skellig Michael Boat Trips, on board the Lady Clare, one of only 15 boats licensed by the Office of Public Works to also provide landing tours to Skellig.

They will contact you with all updates related to your trip such as in the case that a trip has to be cancelled due to weather conditions. Please review their cancellation policy and terms and conditions below for further details. If you have any further enquiries about the status of your trip, please contact them directly. Their contact details will be provided as part of your booking confirmation.

A detailed overview of the excursion itinerary is also available by clicking the ‘Info’ button on the relevant tour below.